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Engineering plastic is now an accepted replacement solution to all demanding engineering applications, where the more traditional materials such as bronze or brass are much less economical. As these metals process sky rocket and metals become more expensive, engineering plastics remains the professional replacement that is providing a solution that the people are demanding.

We have been manufacturing Nylon Products, since our inception and now we are counted among the leading Nylon Sheets Manufacturers, Nylon Rods Exporters and Suppliers India. Our superior quality Nylon Sheets and Nylon Rods are manufactured through high-tech extruding and cast process.

Nylon Rods:

  • Diameter : from ¼" to 1O"
  • Size : 3OO mm & 1OOOmm in length

Nylon Sheet
  • Thickness : from 6mm to 1OOmm
  • Size : 300mm, 6OO mm2- & 1OOO mm2

Nylon is often manufactured oversize and can help where tight tolerance Is needed. Nylon is very good for machining in both manual and automatic lathes.

Nylon has some excellent physical and mechanical properties some of the outstanding characteristics are; Liter in weight, self Lubricating economy, shock resistant, vibration damping performance, High service temperature, High tensile & Compressive strengths and easy to machine.

Nylon is mainly produces In either natural color or black color. Black nylon contains Molybdenum, dlsulphlde (commonly] known as MOS2), which can help with self lubrication In obscure areas and also can look aesthetically better In dlrtw environments.

Some commercial applications of Nylon which are used In industries are Textile, Automobile, Paper & Sugar Mills, Bottling & Foods processors, Engineering and chemical, and marine. A huge and varied amount of components are made and some of them, are Bushes, Bearing slide plates, Gears, Gear Racks, wear Plates, washers, sleeper Pads for Rolling Mills, Liners, Wheels, Sleeves, Pulleys, Ropeways, Tyre, Eccentric Rollers, Loom Pivot Bearings, Throttle Linkages, Shackle Pin Bushes, Timing Screws &, Nut Bolts.

Usually Nylon rods are packed in gunny bags and then wrapped in tarpaulin bags. An Approx weight of the bag is 25kgs to 35 Kgs.

General Properties of Nylon 6

Physical Properties
PropertyConditionTest MethodUnitValue
Specific GravityDryASTM D792-
Water absorption 24 hrs.DryASTM D570%3.5
SaturationDryASTM D570%3.5
Mechanical Properties
PropertyConditionTest MethodUnitValue
Tensile StrengthDryASTM D638Kg/cm2800
Tensile StrengthMoistASTM D638Kg/cm2500
Elongation at breakDryASTM D638%30-100
Elongation at breakMoistASTM D638%200-300
Modulus Of ElasticityDryASTM D638Kg/cm223000
Modulus of ElasticityMoistASTM D638Kg/cm26000-13000
Flexural StrengthDryASTM DKg/cm21100-1150
Notched Impact Strength Izod-ASTM DCm- Kg/cm23-6
Shore HardnessDryDIN 53505Scale D65
Coefficient of friction (nylon/steel) no lubrication---0.3-0.4
Initial lubrication---0.05-0.1
Thermal Properties
PropertyConditionTest MethodUnitValue
-DryASTM D569oC210-216
FlammabilityDryASTM D635-Self.Ext.
Heat Distortion Temparature 66psiDryASTM D648oC65
Maximum service temparature continuousDry-oC90
Coefficient of thermal expansionDryASTM D696106/ oC100-120
Electrical Properties
PropertyConditionTest MethodUnitValue
Dielectric StrengthDryASTM D149V/Mill400

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Nylon Rods used as replacement for bronze or brass in the engineering works as they are much more economical. Flexible Nylon Rods are widely used as a wear resistant component in many aspects. Black Nylon Rods are helpful for self-lubrication that makes them useful in industrial works. We stand upfront amongst the leading

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We are well reckoned as one of the leading Nylon Blotting Sheets Manufacturers. Our Nylon Plastic Sheets are made up of superior quality Nylon that makes them perfect for different industries. Moreover, we are also counted as a leading Supplier of Nylon Sheets.

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